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AlSap is a seaweed based Super Absorbent Polymer (SAP) or three dimensional cross-linked hydrogel that has the capability to increase the amount of moisture in the root zone thus implying longer period of water retention enabling the reduction of intervals between irrigation and improving the soil quality. It increases the efficiency of soil by enriching the roots with microbes that enhance nutrient availability for the plants


Improves the physical properties of soil by improving soil structure, crumbing and aeration
Releases water when plants are under moisture stress like insufficient irrigation
Release of water occurs over a period of 10 to 15 days
Water is effectively absorbed and released with no alteration in solute particles
Active in soil for a period of 5 months
Shelf life is up to two years under dry condition
Improves yield and quality of produce
Technical SpecificationDose
Seaweed based biodegradable super absorbent polymer, purely organic and natural. Contains 10% alginate from seaweed.5kg/acre for all crops


Improves nutrient use efficiency in the root zone
Saves fertilizer cost by up to 15-40%
Can be coated with any kind of plant beneficial microbes be depending upon the needs of the crop