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Kelbio K-20 is an active natural extract from seaweed containing 20% Organic potash that are readily bio available to plants.


More easily translocated and assimilated within the plant as their action is partly systemic
Chances of ‘scorching’ of crops are less because they are in organic form
Compatible with a wide variety of pesticides and liquid fertilizers, as they do not react with their components
Helps in early flowering and fruit set
It improves the fruit quality in terms of size, shape and colour
Protects the crop from water stress/drought and disease
Technical SpecificationDose
Water soluble potash 20%Water soluble formulation 200g per acre.

Method of Application

Foliar application

Mix 200g of Kelbio K in 200 L of water.
Spray the product on the leaves in such a way that the plant is fully drenched during early morning or late evening, which helps in adhering of spray solution on the surface of the leaves/plants.

Kelbio K-20 USP

Contains 20% potash as K2O as per the FCO norms
Potash derived from Rhodophytes