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Magna compost is a microbial consortium for activating the composting process needed to degrade the farm wastes and other organic wastes including municipal waste. It consist of autochthonous and zymogenous population of efficient cellulolytic, lignolytic, proteolytic, lipolytic, saccharolytic cultures and different microbial enzymes required for hastening the composting process and effectively degrading the farm residues.
Microbial consortium for decomposing and recycling farm waste.

Mode of Action

Stimulates the decomposition process of organic wastes and converts it to good quality compost in a shorter time
Degrades a broad range of complex carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, and sugars present in the compost to simple sugars, fatty acids, amino acids and CO2
Builds up viable counts of the composting cultures for a longer period due to the availability of sufficient organic carbon and macro nutrients in the bio-enriched organic manure


Macro and micro nutrients are enriched and C:N ratio of the compost is brought down to optimum levels of 10:1 to 15:1
Suitable both for pit/heap method and In situ decomposition process
Composting process is completed within a period of maximum 45 days
It is absolutely eco-friendly and environmentally safe product
Compost high organic carbon ideal C:N ratio, and better nutrient content, which helps to improve fertility, sustainability and overall health of the soil for higher production and productivity of crops
Technical SpecificationDose
Microbial consortium of 10 different efficient decomposing cultures with a minimum cfu/g of > 106 each1 Kg per ton of farm/organic waste

Method Of Composting

Dilute by mixing 1 kg of magna compost with 10 L of 10% jaggery and kept overnight for the activation microbial cultures present in magna compost. After 24 hours of incubation, add enough water to make up 100 L and spray this solution over every MT of organic waste.
Make a heap of organic waste at 3 feet height, 3 feet breadth and convenient length depending upon the availability of the material.
Spray the above prepared mixture solution uniformly. Organic heap should be regularly moistened and mixed well once in a week.
The moisture (45-55%) in the heap should be maintained throughout the composting process. The heap should be covered with a gunny bag or it should be kept under the shade.
Compost is ready to be harvest (By Sieving) when the finished product is a rich dark brown color, smells like earth, and crumbles in your hand.

Magna compost USP

Microbial consortium of 10 different efficient decomposing cultures with a count of > 106 each
Faster decomposition with better C:N ratio (10:1) and nutrients