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C-Hume is derived from marine algae and is approved for organic use. Seaweed powder contains high amounts of micronutrients, minerals and other organic matter that promotes growth in plants. C-Hume can promote root growth, both in density and length, and enhance the plant growth the throughout the season.


Efficient utilization of nutrients by plants.
Contains more nutrients than NPK fertilizers, thus addressing a wider array of deficiencies in crops.
Stimulates the growth of beneficial microbes.
Since it is naturally chelated, it remains in the soil for a longer period of time resulting in longer availability of nutrients to the plants.
Provides better taste to fruits and vegetables and bright colors to flowers, increasing the market value.
Environment-friendly, natural and can be used for all plants and trees.
Technical SpecificationDose
Phytohormones, alginate, fulvic acid, potassium
humate, amino acids, antioxidants, micronutrient elements; Cu, Fe, Mn, Co, Mo, B, etc., stabilising, wetting and solubilizing agents
500g per acre, 2-3 times per year.
2 g per Litre of water

Method of Application

Foliar application

Foliar application during early morning or when temperatures are below 30°C. Do not spray just before or after rainfall.
Use any surfactant for maximum dispersal and leaf adherence

C-Hume USP

Contains all micro and macroelements required for plant growth and thus takes care of any possible deficiencies issues
Better bioavailability to plants
Promotes the growth of beneficial microbes in soil